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Lampworks and Leather


Welcome to our web site!

On the pages that follow you will find jewelry by Lampworks and Leather. Our designs range from fun to fancy; traditional to contemporary and always affordable.
Perhaps I should call this site "Mostly Bracelets" because that is mostly what's here! :) I have necklaces and earrings to add to the site as time allows. Custom orders welcomed, email us at for details!

We are listed in the following websites! Why not give them a visit if you don't find what you are looking for here? 

The Craft Emporium
Art & Craft From True Artisans & Craftspeople From All Over The World

My favorite design this month is this Millefiori necklace in sublte ocean shades. Reminds me of the Pacific Ocean!


Yours for 18.95 plus shipping!

The The Artisans Directory for Arts and Crafts

ActivePlaza Online Shopping

We're Listed on the 1st Online Shopping Directory

For more information, contact:

Located in Adrian, Michigan 49221